If you want to save time finding great sites on the Internet and have fun doing it, Saving Time Online is for you! Saving Time Online lists useful, informative, functional, practical links to websites, podcasts [audio & video] in various categories. Our aim is to help you find valuable sources of information in a short time. We aim to reduce your time and effort surfing [searching, sorting and sifting through online information].  We help you surf efficiently by directing you to important, valuable information recommended by the experts [and ourselves]. In addition, when possible, we bring this information to our website. Our website is constantly updated with information gathered from the web. We simply consolidate these gems for you to view and enjoy. Currently, we don’t produce any new content. We bring content that already exists on the web that are clear and informative in a broad range of topics.

What are Saving Time Online’s Goals?

  • Saving Time Online is a group that searches, indexes and rates the top websites in a vast array of categories and topics. Our collaborative effort brings recommended websites and podcasts [video and audio] together on various topics onto one site. Our team goal is to help save you time to find great information on the Internet.

Saving Time Online Helps You:

  • To find you find quality information fast and easy.
  • It takes time, patience, skill and desire to find the gems of information out on the Internet. We help and assist you by consolidating information from the most popular to the not so popular websites in our standardized and easy to use format.
  • As we are constantly getting feedback for improvements, our service only gets better with time.

Who is Saving Time Online for?

  • Anybody. We serve all ages and groups.
  • We use the word seniors to show our emphasis in making our information clear and easy to follow.

What are the Saving Time Online benefits?

  • Saving Time Online saves you time by linking you to valuable online information and resources.
  • Saving Time Online format assists and directs you to valuable online information quickly and easily.
  • Saving Time Online consolidates popular videos and podcasts [audio] from various online sources to our website- www.seniors-online.ca
  • Saving Time Online was created to help you save time searching, sorting and sifting through information on the web. Its aim is to direct you to websites and information that are must have’s and we rank them accordingly [with the help of experts].
  • We help you save time by organizing  information- videos, podcasts [audio] and websites so you can access them easily and quickly.